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Crosswalk is a shoe brand born in Spain in 2014 from international designers’ creative minds making synergies and stylistic contaminations. Although It’s young, It is widely present in the most famous stores in America and in Italy like laRinascente.
The woman who chooses Crosswalk is eclectic. She moves gracefully and agile between moments and different tempos of life. She doesn’t undergo changes, accepts them consciously instead, remaining focused on her nature, unique and free, just like Crosswalk’s shoes: unique for its expression of flavors, free in its uniforming trends.
The woman who wears the brand is that one who doesn’t waive her priorities: comfort and dynamism are covered by the material’s quality and processing care, appeal and elegance are expressed by innovative and inspired design.
The gaze is always attentive to details and sensibility for beauty strike it up in a pact with gracefulness, that allow Crosswalk to dare with colors and materials combinations, without ever betraying the elegance and originality.
Crosswalk’s shoes accompany the volatile and independent woman during adventures of her daily routine, among work, worldliness and relax keeping up with her.

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